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I’d like to order a breakdown please

and can I have a side order of “feel like a bad person” with that as well? Oh…and to drink I’d like a glass of confusion. I had a total meltdown last night. It wasn’t really a bad day, but … Continue reading

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Unstable me….

God I am so tired of crying all the time. It seems that all I do anymore. Completely at random. In public, even, which is one of the worst things. I really really hate crying in public. (I hate using … Continue reading

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It’s just me….

This song has been rolling in my head since yesterday. I couldn’t quite figure out why, until I got home and really listened to it again. I’ve now listened to it 4 times since I got home at 9pm. The … Continue reading

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The Begining

I suppose I have to start somewhere, and the beginning seems like a good place to do that. Perhaps if I start at the beginning I’ll figure out how to go forward. Right now I feel very stuck. Please bear … Continue reading

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