To catch you up: Biopsy. It turns out that they finally decided to let dad decide if he wanted to do it while he was already here or if he wanted to wait. Shocking, that. Let a patient decide what they want to do? Seems to be mostly unheard of. At any rate, dad decided to wait. He didn’t want to put more strain on his body than he already had with the surgery. It was a lot worse than he expected. There’s also the whole “this biopsy could collapse the lung or we could nick the artery and you could bleed out” thing, and dad just didn’t want to run the risk of that while recouping. So…yeah.

Now: Dad has scheduled the biopsy. He’s coming up here on the 5th to meet with the hernia doc to touch base on how he’s healing, and then he’s getting bloodwork done to prove he clots. Which he does, obviously, since they just did surgery, but we all know about things that docs HAVE to do. Dad and M will stay with us Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday morning dad checks in and has his biopsy. They will keep him overnight and, assuming all goes well, will release him on Wednesday. That means M will be staying with us Tuesday as well. Dad and M are going to babysit Cole Friday night so that we can go to a ToastMasters thing for a friend. They are also going to babysit Monday so I don’t have to take Cole to daycare. Assuming I don’t kill M, she’s going to babysit on Tuesday while dad is having his procedure done. Yay for free babysitting!

Furious: Now we get to why I am furious. I got a call from M last night, thanking me for letting them stay, what a great hostess I am, etc. (If only she knew that the reason I am doing this is purely for dad!) During the course of the conversation, she tells me that her son D has decided that dad absolutely MUST eat apricot kernels because “we are not accepting cancer and these will help. He must start on them NOW.” She then tells me that D will supply dad, because they are illegal in Idaho. Why? Because the kernels contain cyanide. I want you to read that again. Her son insists that my dad take things containing cyanide, a known poison. They also contain amygdalin, another known poison. These things kill, both of them. They have also been shown to be clinically ineffective in treating cancer. There have been repeated studies done over the years that support that evidence. The AMA and the ACS both consider it to be an exploit of American people in general and cancer patients in the specific.

Furious doesn’t begin to cover it. Her son demanded that my father eat a thing without doing any research. If he DID do research and still decided that my father should take it, I will have his hide. Oh sure, it cures cancer…if you consider death to be a cure. Just hearing that it contained cyanide was enough to make me mad, and I resolved to research it this morning…which you can see I’ve done. I promptly called dad and begged him not to take it, something I don’t normally do. I don’t beg dad. I gave him all the information I could in a condensed version. He admitted he didn’t know anything about them, which is shocking in its own right. Not that he didn’t know, but that he admitted it! And he probably wouldn’t have researched it, or asked me to (although he has in the past – he’s finally recognizing my strength in that area!), so I’m glad I did it on my own. He said he wouldn’t eat them, and I hope he doesn’t. I am now waiting for him to tell M and for her to call me. I can’t wait if she does – I have science on my side, and I know how to use it.

Feeling a bit better now that I’ve talked to dad (which I did while I was writing this) and some friends on twitter. I don’t feel like I’m overreacting. I know that a little cyanide won’t kill him, I know what the lethal levels are, and how long it would probably take for it to kill him…if it were cyanide alone (21 days). Add in the amygdalin and I have no idea, because the processing of it in the body produces a whole lot of other things that are, unsurprisingly, TOXIC. It’s…I have a feeling it’s a fast thing. I ought to see if dad has eaten any of them yet and if he has, make him tell the doc when he comes up so they can check the levels in his blood. What if it interacts with whatever sedative they give him? I…*sigh* I want to beat people’s heads together. As a twitter friend put it “who in their right mind would suggest this?” The answer is “someone who is ignorant of the dangers found in natural plants and objects”.

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