Good news!

In a day of bad news, there is a light. Dad went in for his lung biopsy today and…the spot that they were going to test has shrunk. There were several docs checking it out, utterly baffled. “Tumors don’t generally shrink” was the prevailing sentiment, it seems. They are going to check him again in 3 months (unless something happens) and if the spots are continuing to shrink, they will check him 6 months later. If the spots have stopped shrinking or started growing or more are appearing, they will most likely send him to Portland for a bronchiscopy with ultrasound, which will tell them EXACTLY where to poke and they can do it right then.

So yay! Perhaps this is a big nothing after all. They aren’t sure what they are, still, but are beginning to slightly less suspect cancer (since cancer isn’t self-curing).

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